Tips for Modifying a Car by Installing a Spoiler

Tips for Modifying a Car by Installing a Spoiler – If you notice that not everyone understands and Idn Poker88 things like this. There are still many people who don’t understand the function of some of the components in the car that you are modifying. One component that is often talked about but not many people know about its use when they do things like car modifications is a car spoiler.

Many people think and speculate that the spoiler part of the car is a car modification or one that affects the aerodynamics of their car. When your car is installed a spoiler, your car will indirectly look more sporty. Actually, it’s not just appearance that is the effect when installing a car spoiler. But it can also affect the performance of the car itself. What exactly is the function of a car spoiler?

Important Functions of Car Spoiler Modification

If you modify the car spoiler, it is one of the modifications that affects the aerodynamics of the car. The car spoiler itself serves to increase the downforce or downward pressure on the car to reduce the lift that arises from high speed in a car. The lift that occurs in the car can make the car float and unstable when driving at high speeds or above average so that it can cause the driver to lose control.

In addition to increasing the lower pressure when the car is going fast, car modifications such as installing a spoiler are also able to increase control of your own car. It also has to do with the increased aerodynamic effect that keeps the wheels on the road. Spoilers are usually installed on the back of the car. For sedan cars themselves, it is usually attached above the trunk door, while for jeeps or those without a rear trunk (hatchback) the spoiler will be placed or installed on the rear roof as if it were right above the rear glass of the car.

This spoiler installation must also be balanced with the installation of a spoiler on the front and sides. Installation of the rear spoiler alone can cause the car to move erratically and can cause the direction of the car when going fast. The front spoiler is usually attached to the bumper, while the side spoiler is located right on the bottom panel of the door on the left and right.

Originally May Not Put Spoiler When Modifying Car

Currently, there are many spoilers for car modification on the market. Some car manufacturers have even developed spoilers that expand when the car reaches a speed of 100 km per hour so that the car will be more stable while driving.

Not only from the manufacturer’s output, spoilers are also produced as an aftermarket product and are an important component of car modification. So, if your car is not equipped with a spoiler, you can still add this component. Even so, the spoiler still does not necessarily have the same function as the spoiler car design from the factory.

Not to mention the risk of the wrong spoiler, it will give you an error in installing the careless spoiler. So that it can cause a burden on the car and greater fuel consumption. So try to be more sure when installing the spoiler properly and correctly in the appropriate place and in a trusted installation place when you want to make these modifications.

Did you know there is a difference between spoilers and wings in the world of car modification? Indeed, the two components are installed on the back of the car, but in fact there are differences in their uses and uses. For that, let’s look at a little difference from spoilers and wings that you must know and understand.

If you look at a glance, these two accessories are both used to support performance, it doesn’t mean that the spoiler and wings can be equated. There are several uses, sizes and materials that you should know if you want to buy and install these tools.

Function and Form Spoiler

Even though they are almost similar, the two accessories have different functions when making car modifications. Spoilers are usually used on city cars to reduce the effect of drifting while driving, and will work best when the car is driven at high speeds. In addition, it turns out that the spoiler can also ward off dirt, such as dust, small sand, or rainwater on the rear glass caused by air turbulence in that area.

While the wings are more often used to modify cars that have high performance or racing cars used on circuits. The wing is also designed according to the car design by the manufacturer, so that it has a different shape from one another.

The wing design will be adjusted to the curve of the car body so that it affects the air flow from front to back. Then the wings will also press the back of the car (downforce) so that the tires get more traction or grip on the asphalt. Likewise, when cornering, the wings will boast that the car remains stable even though it is driving in sharp turns at high speed.

If it is installed for daily car modifications, the wing is not ideal. Moreover, its large and tall shape will disturb other riders and burden engine performance. In contrast to the spoiler which has a shape smaller than the wing. Therefore, the spoiler is an aerodynamic device that is suitable for use in cars that are used for daily use rather than wings.

So, those are some explanations for car accessories that are commonly referred to as spoilers. Interesting is not for those of you who want to make these modifications. So the first thing you have to understand and understand some of the uses of these tools before you modify your car. This is so we can avoid things that are not desired by all of us.

Hopefully a little explanation like the one above can help all of you to better understand before thinking about installing or modifying your car. thanks.


Perform Car Detailing Maintenance On Your Vehicle

Perform Car Detailing Maintenance On Your Vehicle – If it has entered the rainy season, usually vehicle owners have to be extra vigilant about the emergence of unexpected events such as puddles and fallen trees that lurk when it is raining heavily.

In addition to being vigilant, doing maintenance and maintaining car cleanliness must also be done regularly during the rainy season. This is to keep all of your cars in excellent condition and still provide comfort for the passengers who ride your respective vehicles.

One of the maintenance methods used by many car owners is by coating the car paint, wondering what exactly is car coating? Come on, the answer is below:

Perform Car Detailing With Car Coating

As the name implies, which is a coating or coating process using coating materials or products on the body of your respective car. The purpose of the coating itself is to provide protection in the form of a layer to protect car paint. The benefits of other car coatings are also to make car paint always look more shiny. So remember for all of you that car coating is a car care process by giving a layer all over the car body to make it look more shiny.

Benefits of Car Coating

As explained above, body coating is a coating process using nano-based technology which functions to protect car paint down to the pores of car paint. It can be likened to if your car has laminating so that the color of the car will be maintained as if it was new. Not only that, your car will also look alkaline and look very shiny so that your car looks more durable. By coating your car you will get benefits such as:

  • Protects paint from scratches
  • Make the car shiny
  • Gives taro leaf effect

Care Is Still Required After Coating The Car

If you use your car almost every day, then of course the car will get dirty faster and look duller than before. So it is recommended that at least 3 days to one week wash the car using soap. However, it is better if you do cleaning every day both before and after your car is used. Simply put, you just have to wipe the entire surface of the car that has been flushed by water first. That way the dust that will damage the paint doesn’t stick too long on your coated car body.

Good And Correct Detailing

For those of you who are looking for a place to do car detailing, there are many places that you can enter, the important thing is that the place is trusted and has many consumers. An auto detailing workshop that is committed to providing and maintaining the shine of your paint without any defects, even more than your car paint when it was new. The results are also very good because it uses the best quality materials with the best service and prices. The services provided by PDV Detailing are:

Nano Ceramic Premium PDV includes:

  • Paint Correction & Protection
  • Engine Cleaning & Detailing
  • Trim Cleaning & Restore
  • Wheels and Tire Cleaning & Dressing
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Interior Clean & Detailing
  • ++ Nano Ceramic by TEVO 3 Layer

Nano Ceramic PDV includes:

  • Paint Correction & Protection
  • Engine Cleaning & Detailing
  • Trim Cleaning & Restore
  • Wheels and Tire Cleaning & Dressing
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Interior Clean & Detailing
    +++ Nano Ceramic by PDV 3 Layer

Please note, the use of coating does not mean reducing the intensity of maintenance and cleaning the car. When the car is rarely cleaned, dirt and mold will still appear even to the point of being difficult to clean. Especially during the rainy season, car owners feel lazy to clean and dry their cars from the rain. If you just let it sit, for a long time, crusts will slowly appear on the car paint.

Well, that’s the state and shape that you must apply to keep your car looking newer so it doesn’t get dull. That way it will make you more confident like you are driving a new car for a walk.

Hopefully a few tips from this article can help you to better maintain the outer conditions of your respective cars. If this article is interesting please help share it with your friends or family who have a car. thanks.


Private Vehicles Must Be Treated With This Liquid

Private Vehicles Must Be Treated With This Liquid – Nearing the Christmas and New Year holidays, most people in the world often use it as an event or the right time for a holiday. There are even those who do this time as a time to return home. The selected vehicle usually also uses a car.

Dozens to hundreds of kilometers are willing to take you to meet your parents, family or friends in their respective hometowns. Of course, the long journey will make us feel tired and forget to check some of the important components in a private vehicle so that it is always in good shape when used in daily activities.

Reported by several automotive sources, there are 4 types of fluids in private vehicles that we must check regularly because these fluids have a very important and crucial function in the components of your personal vehicle. Of the four fluids consist of engine oil, brake fluid, radiator and wipers.

Machine oil

This fluid called engine oil plays the most important role in each of your private vehicles, because the main task of engine oil itself is to become a lubricant when your vehicle’s engine is running at a high enough temperature even with temperatures higher than the word high.

We can check the engine oil by checking the oil stick located in the engine room of your respective vehicle. If the oil is still in the middle of the oil stick, it means that the oil in our vehicle’s engine is still normal and there is no need to add more oil fluid.

However, if the position of the oil is below, even completely dry. So the thing you need to do is immediately refill the oil because if you continue to use it, it will be fatal to your personal car.

Oil is a vital fluid in your vehicle, so there are also many assumptions that are formed from people such as black oil that must be replaced. If you change the brand of oil, it can cause your vehicle’s engine to break down quickly and other things can also happen. To understand the myths and facts of private vehicle engine oil in circulation, you can ask the experts or people who work in the repair shop.

Brake fluid

Although brake fluid has a lifespan that can be said to be long or long, so don’t hesitate to check it. Because braking is the most important component when we are driving. If you don’t pay attention, things that you don’t want can happen. Driving without brakes is very dangerous to yourself and can even endanger other people on the road.

The way to check car brake fluid is very easy, you just need to look at the height of the brake fluid in the master cylinder tube which is usually positioned behind the engine room of our respective vehicles.

There are writing max and min on the brake master wall which functions to measure the brake in the middle position of the brake master tube. If the surface of the brake fluid is almost touching the lowest level, immediately refill it with brake fluid according to the rules of your respective private vehicle.

If the brake fluid filling has been done but feels that it is still not optimal when trying to brake on each of your vehicles, try checking the brake calipers, brake linings or dirty brake fluid so that they return to work optimally.

Water Radiator

To check the radiator water for a private vehicle, you can do this by opening the radiator cap then looking into the reservoir tube whether the water in it is still sufficient or has decreased. If the water in the reservoir tube has decreased, then immediately fill it with a special radiator liquid.

Wiper Fluid

Maybe there are many of you who often forget to fill the liquid in this one component. Wiper fluid or glass cleaner located on the front and rear of the car. Bad vision coupled with your car glass which is boxed will certainly reduce visibility while you are driving with a vehicle and may cause unwanted things like accidents.

Now that’s an important fluid in a vehicle that you must really pay attention to, because by checking and fulfilling the needs of your car, you will not get any problems while driving.

Especially for all of you who often travel long distances in their respective cars, then this should really be paid attention to. Especially for those of you who often drive with your family, take care of your family seriously.


Causes and Signs of Car Alternators Need To Be Replaced

Causes and Signs of Car Alternators Need To Be Replaced – Car lovers must have something like this and always ask about the age of using the Alternator in your vehicle. As is well known, the alternator itself functions to convert the mechanical energy obtained from the electric power engine and produce alternating current.

The alternator is a tool to supply the electricity needs of your car when the engine is running. However, in this case the amount of electricity consumption is greater than what the alternator produces, therefore the battery will also bear the electrical load of your car.

If there is an abnormality in the charging system, whether it’s from the alternator or the circuit, then the lights on the battery image as the indicator light on the dashboard of your car will light up. Then for vehicles that are fully computerized, the check engine light will also light up.

Usually, the most extreme things happen, like your car breaking down due to a shortage of the electrical energy it produces.

Alternators Need To Be Replaced

Most of the people who already own this car will also learn to take care of it, even just to know it is lazy. Even though the alternator is one of the most important parts and components in every car. The function of this alternator is one of the largest electricity suppliers in the car, which is from the electric current to the battery which will become the main electricity storage component in your car later.

If one day there is a problem with the alternator, the battery will be damaged and all of your cars will be more difficult to turn on and even not turn on at all.

There are several signs when the alternator is damaged, such as:

  • The alternator makes a loud sound. The cause could be a broken or damaged alternator rectifier diode.
  • Indicator lights that refer to the battery turning on when starting the car. This light indicates if the alternator is unable to drain the electric current properly or maximally.
  • The battery that we just bought is still not strong enough to start the car, so this is a sign that the output voltage on the alternator has decreased.
  • Overcast or overcharge. Excess supply of electricity will quickly damage the alternator. The power supply in the alternator should not exceed 15 volts.

Cause The Car Alternator Is Damaged

There are several things that cause the alternator to malfunction, such as:

  • The process of installing electronic devices with large loads
  • The rectifier diode on the alternator breaks with the IC regulator, as a result, the current that will be provided and generated by this alternator is reduced.
  • The use of a cut-off on the Ket Out External Voltage regulator can also cause the alternator to quickly break or drop
  • The relationship between the carbon brushes and the rotor slip rings is less than optimal and it is not good enough, so that the car alternator drops quickly.

If you find symptoms as mentioned above, then don’t hesitate or be lazy to contact or take your car to an official repair shop to get first aid. Or you can also contact a dynamo expert who is a professional.

How to Care for Dinamo Ampere

So to check the alternator in a car that is in trouble, we can use a tool called a screwdriver or spanner. Then attach it to the alternator pulley, if there is a magnetic force that attracts the screwdriver or wrench, it means that the alternator’s condition is still in good condition and still good.

Usually periodic maintenance that must be done is every 6 months or 10,000 km so that the condition of your vehicle is always in prime condition. If you can’t do it by yourself then it is better to go to the repair shop in person and ask for help from a more skilled in this field.

This is very useful for those of you who own a car, because you know for yourself that buying a car costs a lot of money and the price of the car is not cheap. So once a month, check your car at the nearest garage so that the car you have is in good health.

Hopefully a little explanation from this article can help you understand things related to the alternator in the car. thanks.

GearSpeed Remanufactured Transmissions

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About GearSpeed Parts And Perfomance

Thank you for taking the time to visit our on-line parts store. We currently offer a full line of Automatic & Manual Transmission parts for both the Honda and the Acura automobiles. Although our inventory consists mainly of 1990 or newer model parts, we do carry quite a few older vintage parts as well. Therefore, in the event you do not see an item you are looking for we encourage you to contact us at:(909)476-7252 and ask for Bryan or Marcel.

As a volume Transmission remanufacturing facility, we continually accrue thousands of good used parts that may be purchased for a fraction of the cost compared to that of new parts for those that prefer to build their own. Remanufactured torque converters are also available for most all models. To assist you with the ordering process, photo thumbnails are included for part identification ease. Please note that many newer model units have “VIN” numbers, having these at the time of order will assist us in ensuring you receive the correct part needed in the event there was an update or a model change mid year.


H&A Transmissions, Inc. would like to make it known that contrary to publicized statements; there are no affiliations between Gearspeed and Synchrotech Transmissions. The company officers, management and staff are separate and distinct; there is no common relationship.

H&A Transmissions, Inc. is the parent company of two subsidiary companies, Gearspeed and Gearspeed Parts Store. Gearspeed was founded in 2003 and originally focused on providing customized high performance manual transmissions and transmission parts to the automotive aftermarket and racing industries.

H&A Transmission, Inc. is providing this statement in order to clarify affiliations.

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