The leading producer of remanufactured transmissions for Honda and Acura. We are a wholesale company, providing transmissions for dealerships, independent repair, and transmission facilities nationwide. We are proud to be a part of the Honda Care support system.

GearSpeed is a premier provider of remanufactured manual transmissions for Honda and Acura Automobiles, as well as a line of vintage and obsolete models in both automatic and manual versions.

An information and enthusiast web site that strives to provide our readers with the latest Honda and Acura news, articles, racing updates, classified ads and more.

Super Street Magazine is dedicated to covering street racing, drifting videos, import and tuner models, import car racing JDM and much more from around the world. The import scene is covered with events, racing and shows.

Honda Tuning Magazine is the resource for Honda and Acura enthusiasts building and tuning cars for show and competition

ATRA is an international trade association for automatic transmission repair professionals, from coast to coast across North America. We are composed mainly of independent transmission repair facilities.