Recognizing the growing problem of the vast number of Honda & Acura units needing case replacement, H & A Transmissions Inc. began focusing their attention on this issue in 2008. Knowing that a few companies were choosing to Bore out the Bearing orifices and install oversized bearings, we felt that we had a better solution, which was to actually sleeve the case.


We are pleased to announce that after considerable testing we have found a company to partner with who is able to meet both our concerns of quality & quantity. We are now able to offer up these cases to the industry confident that it is the “Best case on the market”. By using our state of the art cleaning process & establishing a “true geometric” anchor point, shafts run true to center and will not cause a unit to whine. The additional bonding process employed provides a secure and pressed fit that will meet longevity concerns as well.


Our Cases are in stock and ready to ship on a core exchange basis, Same Day Shipping Available until 2:00pm pst. To place your order call (909) 476-7252 and ask for Glenn or Marcel.

Gearspeed Carbon Moly Synchros

After completing years of research, Gearspeed is proud to introduce the next generation of Synchros which surpasses the overall performance of our previous Carbon Coated Synchros. Our new Carbon Moly Synchros have a new and improved proprietary composition that promotes Quick & Smooth shifting in addition to a more dependable braking surface. With a stronger brass body and improved locking angle, our Carbon Moly Synchros will take your tachometer to the limit.

Gearspeed Torque Converters

Gearspeed Torque Converters come backed with a 1 Year Parts Only Warranty. Our Parent Company " H&A Transmissions Inc" has over 20 years of experience with the Honda & Acura automobiles, no one in the industry has invested as much time and research as we have into this particular application. Our Torque Converters have been put to the test and have been proven to be one of the most trusted products on the market today. Whether you are a shop, or a do it yourself kinda guy or gal, our Torque Converters are now available to you.

Gearspeed 3rd Clutch Drums

Gearspeed’s 3rd Clutch Drums are assembled, clearanced and inspected by the skilled professional builders at H&A Transmissions. The Clutch packs are assembled to our specs utilizing a unique process and we only use the finest components. Our drums are affordable and built to last!

Gearspeed Bushing kits

With our parent company being H&A Transmissions Inc, We have the luxury of being backed by a group of professionals with many years of experience, who are dedicated to the highest level of quality when it comes to your Honda or Acura Transmission needs. Because of the extensiveness of the warranty we offer, many years of testing and practical application went into the development of our products. We use these components in the production of our Transmissions because they are the best. So, now we are providing these parts to both the do it yourself person and the repair industry in general with another important piece of the puzzle in building a quality transmission. Our bushings have been developed specifically to provide better sealing surface for the feed pipes, which also prevents pre mature failure to the clutch packs by unwanted blow by. These bushings will last longer and will thus extend the life of the unit. With an improved design & composition our bushings are based off of OE specs, and now, you can have confidence in purchasing this part and build with the best bushing that's out there.

Gearspeed Pressure Switches

Gearspeed would like to introduce the newest addition to our product line up; We are proud to say that after a few years and several attempts at developing a pressure switch that we knew to meet or exceed OEM standards, is finally here and available to the aftermarket. We have done extensive research and testing to ensure we had a tried and true component. We have not only worked closely with our parent company, H&A Transmissions, but we have also worked directly with several shops in our community. In addition, we have subjected these switches to thousands of hours of test cycles utilizing a solenoid test machine that we have modified and customized for our internal use. These are then monitored electrically for proper on/off pressures, ATF leaks as well as physical defects. Gearpeed Pressure Switches will complete your Honda and Acura transmission build with OEM satisfaction at a fraction of the OEM price.