Causes and Signs of Car Alternators Need To Be Replaced

Causes and Signs of Car Alternators Need To Be Replaced – Car lovers must have something like this and always ask about the age of using the Alternator in your vehicle. As is well known, the alternator itself functions to convert the mechanical energy obtained from the electric power engine and produce alternating current.

The alternator is a tool to supply the electricity needs of your car when the engine is running. However, in this case the amount of electricity consumption is greater than what the alternator produces, therefore the battery will also bear the electrical load of your car.

If there is an abnormality in the charging system, whether it’s from the alternator or the circuit, then the lights on the battery image as the indicator light on the dashboard of your car will light up. Then for vehicles that are fully computerized, the check engine light will also light up.

Usually, the most extreme things happen, like your car breaking down due to a shortage of the electrical energy it produces.

Alternators Need To Be Replaced

Most of the people who already own this car will also learn to take care of it, even just to know it is lazy. Even though the alternator is one of the most important parts and components in every car. The function of this alternator is one of the largest electricity suppliers in the car, which is from the electric current to the battery which will become the main electricity storage component in your car later.

If one day there is a problem with the alternator, the battery will be damaged and all of your cars will be more difficult to turn on and even not turn on at all.

There are several signs when the alternator is damaged, such as:

  • The alternator makes a loud sound. The cause could be a broken or damaged alternator rectifier diode.
  • Indicator lights that refer to the battery turning on when starting the car. This light indicates if the alternator is unable to drain the electric current properly or maximally.
  • The battery that we just bought is still not strong enough to start the car, so this is a sign that the output voltage on the alternator has decreased.
  • Overcast or overcharge. Excess supply of electricity will quickly damage the alternator. The power supply in the alternator should not exceed 15 volts.

Cause The Car Alternator Is Damaged

There are several things that cause the alternator to malfunction, such as:

  • The process of installing electronic devices with large loads
  • The rectifier diode on the alternator breaks with the IC regulator, as a result, the current that will be provided and generated by this alternator is reduced.
  • The use of a cut-off on the Ket Out External Voltage regulator can also cause the alternator to quickly break or drop
  • The relationship between the carbon brushes and the rotor slip rings is less than optimal and it is not good enough, so that the car alternator drops quickly.

If you find symptoms as mentioned above, then don’t hesitate or be lazy to contact or take your car to an official repair shop to get first aid. Or you can also contact a dynamo expert who is a professional.

How to Care for Dinamo Ampere

So to check the alternator in a car that is in trouble, we can use a tool called a screwdriver or spanner. Then attach it to the alternator pulley, if there is a magnetic force that attracts the screwdriver or wrench, it means that the alternator’s condition is still in good condition and still good.

Usually periodic maintenance that must be done is every 6 months or 10,000 km so that the condition of your vehicle is always in prime condition. If you can’t do it by yourself then it is better to go to the repair shop in person and ask for help from a more skilled in this field.

This is very useful for those of you who own a car, because you know for yourself that buying a car costs a lot of money and the price of the car is not cheap. So once a month, check your car at the nearest garage so that the car you have is in good health.

Hopefully a little explanation from this article can help you understand things related to the alternator in the car. thanks.