GearSpeed Remanufactured Transmissions

GearSpeed is a premier provider of remanufactured manual transmissions for honda anda and Acura Automobiles, as well as a line of vintage and obsolete models in both automatic and manual versions.

Manual, Automatic, Performance, Transmissions, Parts, Services For Honda & Acura Automobiles At Gearspeed we offer the highest quality new and used transmission parts, hi-performance parts and custom performance builds at competitive prices.

New & Featured Parts

  • Automatic Trans Rebuild Kits

Our No/Low Waste kits offer affordability and quality. We provide 3 levels of kits, basic, intermediate and master to fit whatever needs you have. From paper and rubber to steels, frictions and filters.

  • Pressure Switches

Genuine Gearspeed Pressure Switches made a splash in the market years ago and continue to be one of our best sellers. We have grown our catalog and offer a wide range of pressure switches.

  • Wavetrac LSD

We are proud to offer customizable, maintanence free Wavetrac Limited Slip Differentials for retail and wholesale customers. We use these LSD on racing builds and they are proven to perform.

  • Clean Cut Cases

We use precision CNC technology to repair cases and offer Sleeved Cases and our new Premium Cases that include 3 brand new bearings. If you need a Clean Cut Case, we’ve got you covered.

  • The Gearspeed Sprag

The recently launched Gearspeed Sprag offers a true fit for a better replacement. Our sprag fits 2000 and up 5 speed units. They are selling fast!

  • 5 Speed Low Gear

Like all of our Genuine Gearspeed products, the 5 Speed Low Gear has been a huge success. They have been tested and proven for years and continue to be a top seller to rebuild shops.


  • Satisfied Customers and Higher Profits

If you’re a shop owner rebuilding automatic or manual transmissions we offer a huge inventory of new and used parts, including rebuild kits, hard parts, genuine GearSpeed parts and much more. We offer the highest quality parts at competitive prices to ensure satisfied customers and maximum profits

  • High Quality Parts for the Retail Market

We offer the highest quality parts to dealers, re-manufacturing facilities and distributors worldwide and we bring those same trusted parts to the retail world at affordable prices. Whether you’re rebuilding an automatic or manual transmission for everyday use or the track, we have the parts you can trust at prices you can afford.

  • Quality Hi-Performance Transmissions

Our highly trained and knowledgeable sales staff can help you determine the proper build to fit your specific needs. Our experienced builders will custom build your hi-performance transmissions to the specs outlined. Our hi-performance builds can be seen on road courses and at the drag strip. All Genuine Gearspeed performance parts are track tested in the Gearspeed race car and approved by champion driver Marcel De Kerpel.