Private Vehicles Must Be Treated With This Liquid

Private Vehicles Must Be Treated With This Liquid – Nearing the Christmas and New Year holidays, most people in the world often use it as an event or the right time for a holiday. There are even those who do this time as a time to return home. The selected vehicle usually also uses a car.

Dozens to hundreds of kilometers are willing to take you to meet your parents, family or friends in their respective hometowns. Of course, the long journey will make us feel tired and forget to check some of the important components in a private vehicle so that it is always in good shape when used in daily activities.

Reported by several automotive sources, there are 4 types of fluids in private vehicles that we must check regularly because these fluids have a very important and crucial function in the components of your personal vehicle. Of the four fluids consist of engine oil, brake fluid, radiator and wipers.

Machine oil

This fluid called engine oil plays the most important role in each of your private vehicles, because the main task of engine oil itself is to become a lubricant when your vehicle’s engine is running at a high enough temperature even with temperatures higher than the word high.

We can check the engine oil by checking the oil stick located in the engine room of your respective vehicle. If the oil is still in the middle of the oil stick, it means that the oil in our vehicle’s engine is still normal and there is no need to add more oil fluid.

However, if the position of the oil is below, even completely dry. So the thing you need to do is immediately refill the oil because if you continue to use it, it will be fatal to your personal car.

Oil is a vital fluid in your vehicle, so there are also many assumptions that are formed from people such as black oil that must be replaced. If you change the brand of oil, it can cause your vehicle’s engine to break down quickly and other things can also happen. To understand the myths and facts of private vehicle engine oil in circulation, you can ask the experts or people who work in the repair shop.

Brake fluid

Although brake fluid has a lifespan that can be said to be long or long, so don’t hesitate to check it. Because braking is the most important component when we are driving. If you don’t pay attention, things that you don’t want can happen. Driving without brakes is very dangerous to yourself and can even endanger other people on the road.

The way to check car brake fluid is very easy, you just need to look at the height of the brake fluid in the master cylinder tube which is usually positioned behind the engine room of our respective vehicles.

There are writing max and min on the brake master wall which functions to measure the brake in the middle position of the brake master tube. If the surface of the brake fluid is almost touching the lowest level, immediately refill it with brake fluid according to the rules of your respective private vehicle.

If the brake fluid filling has been done but feels that it is still not optimal when trying to brake on each of your vehicles, try checking the brake calipers, brake linings or dirty brake fluid so that they return to work optimally.

Water Radiator

To check the radiator water for a private vehicle, you can do this by opening the radiator cap then looking into the reservoir tube whether the water in it is still sufficient or has decreased. If the water in the reservoir tube has decreased, then immediately fill it with a special radiator liquid.

Wiper Fluid

Maybe there are many of you who often forget to fill the liquid in this one component. Wiper fluid or glass cleaner located on the front and rear of the car. Bad vision coupled with your car glass which is boxed will certainly reduce visibility while you are driving with a vehicle and may cause unwanted things like accidents.

Now that’s an important fluid in a vehicle that you must really pay attention to, because by checking and fulfilling the needs of your car, you will not get any problems while driving.

Especially for all of you who often travel long distances in their respective cars, then this should really be paid attention to. Especially for those of you who often drive with your family, take care of your family seriously.